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What We Do

Fog and Flame Candle Co. LLC

We're one of the only wholesale candle companies located on Nantucket.  Every single one of our candles is handmade right here on island.  Some of the services we provide are:

Wholesale Custom Candle Making

Our candles are great and competitive items you can add to your store.  All of our candles are custom made, so we can tailor the candles we make to your business, right down to the scent, container, and artwork on the label!

Custom Candles for Weddings/Events

Want an interesting wedding favor for your guests?  Maybe a couple of candles to put in gift bags for a party you're throwing?  We can provide you with unique and classic Nantucket candles for any special occasion!

Custom Picture Candles

Our custom picture candles are a perfect birthday gift for that someone who wants something completely unique to them.

Where do we sell our candles currently?

We currently offer a variety of candles at 45 Surfside Bakery and Cafe, Touchpoint Acupuncture, Murray's Toggery Shop, and Island Variety.  We also sell at many of the seasonal markets and fundraisers throughout the year on island.  We've got more in the works-check back soon to see more locations where you can buy our candles!

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